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Kata Overview

What is Kata?

Kata is an extremely advanced WordPress theme that allows you to create any kind of website without needing to know how to code. All customization and editing of the website page and even theme options can be done in real-time with our tool. We’ve tried to provide a smooth and enjoyable user experience with this theme. Its catchy design and unique backend are consistent throughout the control panel, making it an even more enjoyable experience.


You don’t need any coding experience when using Kata since our Styler tools give you access to every possible CSS code a developer could write. Choose your desired colors, size, font, and style in a few simple clicks or even change the most minute details. Your website is the canvas, and you’re the artist. So pick up the styler and bring your vision to life.

Demo Importer

Alternatively, you could use our Demo Importer to make use of pre-made websites. All of them have been made for specific purposes and with UI / UX standards in mind. Import one of them using the demo importer and start customizing it.

Elementor and Kata Elements

Kata is fully compatible with the Elementor page builder and brings a few exclusive features to the table as well, making it an even better page builder. Currently, Kata has about 100 exclusive elements in Elementor, which means that almost everything is possible with Kata. Doesn’t matter what kind of website you want to create, a restaurant, a blog, or an online store, Kata has got you covered with its numerous amazing elements.

Speed and SEO

Our developers are highly experienced when it comes to WordPress products, so the issue of speed was one of their primary concerns during the development process. Using the Auto Performance tool, any kind of speed issue can be resolved. Kata is a fast and SEO friendly WordPress theme.

Control Panel

Kata’s control panel provides quick access to all sections of WordPress. Everything is neatly organized on one page, so you don’t have to switch between multiple tabs. There is also the Finder feature that allows you to search for whatever option you’re looking for.

Responsive Design

If you’ve ever worked with Elementor, you’re familiar with how easy it is to make your web pages responsive, but it’s only limited to 3 sizes: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. We’ve made this process much more streamlined using Kata’s Styler. Three additional sizes (Small Mobile, Laptop, Tablet Landscape) have been added as default sizes to the Styler.

Page Builders

Kata’s advantage, compared to similar products, is that it’s a builder-based theme. Create all your web pages using Kata’s builder. You’re also able to create pages such as Shop, Author, 404, Archive, Single, Blog, etc. using Elementor and Kata’s preset features.

Header and Footer Builder

You can create an exclusive footer and header using the Footer Builder and Header Builder. Kata’s footer and header elements will astonish you. Designing menus for smaller devices has always been a challenge in the WordPress website. Kata has got the solution. There’s an element that makes this much easier.

Mega Menu Builder

All the capabilities of the Elementor page builder, together with Kata’s unique features and the Styler tool, are provided to you in an easy-to-access Mega Menu.

Customizer (Theme Options)

Customizer or theme options allow you to control every single detail on your website. For example, using Kata’s Customizer, you can set specific typography for your website or even define different Elementor container sizes on different devices. 

Page and Post Options

Page and Post options have been improved from WordPress’s default version to allow for better implementation. You can manage Page Title, Breadcrumbs, Sidebars, Widgets, and other options directly from the customizer.

Fonts Manager

A common issue most clients have is font management. To that end, we’ve created the Fonts Manager that provides access to every single font available on the internet with exclusive access to Google and Adobe fonts in addition to uploading your own fonts.

Plugin Manager

To install and manage your existing plugins, use the Plugin Manager. It covers a curated list of all the most useful and popular WordPress plugins that can be activated with a simple click. Installing plugins has never been so easy.

Dark Mode / Light Mode

We have two theme modes in Kata, a Dark Mode and a Light Mode that are both compatible with any OS and Elementor. In addition to the frontend, the backend can be set to either Dark or Light mode.

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