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December 13, 2020

• Add: alternative web service for demo importer
• Add: subscribe widget
• Add: fast demos to demo importer
• Add: fast Free demos to demo importer
• Add: search tool to demo importer
• Add: separator option to breadcrumbs
• Improve: support PHP 5.6 and higher
• Improve: demo importer style
• Update: language file kata-plus.pot
• Change: default style of blog
• Change: label of Stroke and Fill color option in styler
• Change: Help Page Title in the control panel
• Change: change icon of address, email, phone, and single testimonial Elementor widget
• Fix: Woocommerce styles
• Fix: wrong text domains
• Fix: some styling issues in dark mode
• Fix: unsanitized data in the importer
• Fix: styler background image preview• Fix: importer dark mode styling issues
• Fix: wrong spelling in the customizer
• Fix: After/Before content output
• Fix: wrong spelling in Elementor widgets
• Fix: mega menu Full-width option
• Fix: wrong spelling page options
• Fix: Preview of demos in fast mode
• Fix: license activation notices
• Fix: login widget clickable issue
• Fix: some styling issues in fast mode
• Fix: PHP notice in button Elementor widget
• Fix: prevent to load styler in tgm page
• Fix: PHP notice in counter Elementor widget
• Fix: comparison slider image output
• Remove: 7 stroke icon set from the free version


December 13, 2020

• Add new style to Woocommerce cart, checkout, and single product page
• Add new styling options to customize > pages
• Improve blog post, archive post, author page, and search page widget
• Compatibility WordPress 5.6
• Compatibility Elementor 3.0.14
• Fix sticky header
• Fix google font API key (Access denied)
• Fix styling in Metabox sections
• Fix Woocommerce cart widget
• Fix transparent header styling issue
• Fix alternative fonts


December 07, 2020

• Add installation notices for the pro version and when Elementor is not active
• Improve blog posts widget
• Fix builder fatal errors when Elementor is not activated
• Fix importer builder
• Fix fatal error when the host does not support ZIP extension
• Fix CSS error in Styler output
• Fix some minor issues
• Remove some unused CSS


December 04, 2020

• Initial Release