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Section Templates

Another key feature of Kata is using section templates.

Kata’s template library gives you access to more than 500 complete templates, and you are just a few clicks away from importing small sections such as header and footer or a whole page.

Here we are going to talk about how to use the section template. Let’s begin.

1. First, you need to enter page edit through Elementor.

2. Click on the folder icon in the middle of the screen to open Elementor’s library.

3. You can choose the section you want from the tabs.

Here we will explain what each tab does:


To use one of the available section templates in the header, first, you need to go to Header from the Kata menu.

The header section contains various header designs from the templates that you can simply click on and use for yourself.

  1. To see a demo of how it looks, click on the magnifier icon.
  2. To place a template on your page, click on insert.

You’ll see a template that will appear on your page.


Follow the same process for the Header.

To use one of the available section templates in the Footer, first, you need to go to Footer from the Kata menu.


Click on insert after deciding on the template you want. Then repeat the previous steps to make the footer appear.

Finally, the design can be imported.


Kata theme is extremely flexible when it comes to using different sections. You can follow the same steps for the blocks and place the section that you want on the page.

To do this, open the page with Elementor and then go to the template and block section. Here you will find hundreds of pre-made designs. Pages include Contact us, About us, Services, Portfolio, etc


Another feature of Kata is the ability to add a whole page to the theme. For example, when you wish to create a page for your services. To make it easier for you, we have created numerous Services pages that you can find in Section template of Elementor. You can go to the pages tab, search for the page you like, and import it.

When you click on Insert, all the content of the page will appear on the page that you want. (See the image)


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