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Styler is the most important tool in Kata as it allows you to customize your website using a simple and straightforward user interface. You can change fonts, backgrounds, colors, and almost any other element present in Kata using the Styler. One could claim that even without any programming knowledge, all CSS codes are available to you via the Styler so you can change any element.

To gain access to the Styler, you’ll need to edit your page in Elementor and add one of Kata’s elements to the page. Now you see different elements in the Style tab and a styler icon in front of every option. You open the Styler by clicking on the icon for each respective option.

The Styler consists of 4 sections:

1) Style Header includes:
a. Name of the element and selector.
b. Collapse Menu button.
c. Devices button.
d. More button.
e. Save and close button

 The responsive menu shows the different sizes for other devices in responsive design.

In the More menu, you can find copy, paste, and reset options for the styles in the Styler.

2) Selector Tab: There are multiple tabs to customize the selector.
a. Normal: Applies styles directly to the selector.
b. Hover: The styles entered here will appear in a hover state.
c. Parent Hover: Styles entered here will have their wrapper loaded when hovered.
d. Before: This allows you to style the selector before this element.
e. After: This allows you to style the selector after this element.

3) CSS Properties: Similar properties are categorized on the left side of the Styler for ease of access. You can view the properties for each option on the right side.

4) Here you can see a list of CSS properties whose values you can easily change. All changes will be applied to the elements in real-time.


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