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Another professional widget in Kata is called Portfolio that allows you to create and showcase a sample of your works on different pages like an album.

The portfolio feature functions like a post, so the first thing you need to do is going to your WordPress dashboard and defining a category and post for it. Then we can use it from the editor page in Elementor.

You will need to do the following to add a Portfolio item.

  1. Click on “Add Portfolio Item”
  2. Choose a title for your Portfolio item
  3. Add more information if needed
  4. Here you can assign and add the category
  5. Here you can add tags similar to how posts work
  6. And finally, you can set your preferred image
  7. Save your progress by clicking on Publish

To add a category to a Portfolio item, you can navigate to the Portfolio Category option in the Portfolio sub-menu.

Tags can also be added in a similar manner as discussed above.

After adding your new item, setting up the category and tags for it, it’s time to create our Portfolio using Elementor.

Find the element you’re looking for by searching for the keyword “Portfolio” in the search bar and select it.


Content Settings

Once you click on the Portfolio element, you’re greeted with this page where you can choose the content and number of posts on each page.


In the Settings section, you can set the number of items in each line.

Appearance Settings

From this section, you can customize the appearance and visual aspects of your portfolio.

a. You can set the Portfolio image size from here

b. You can set the title from here

c. You can set the date from here

d. You can set the category from here

e. You can set the category separator symbol from here

f. You can set an excerpt from here

g. You can set the display option from here for whether it should open in a new page or in Modal mode


You can add an icon or a custom element from the Design section.

See More Settings

You can customize the See More button from here.

Final View

Masonry Portfolio

You can add the widget to your page by drag and dropping it.

From this section, you can customize the appearance and visual aspects of your portfolio.

In this section, you can adjust the Content Settings for your posts, and also 2 pre-designed layouts have been made for you.

There are few key settings in the Appearance Settings that you need to pay close attention to.

a. Adjust the space between each item

b. Display filters

c. The item’s title

d. The item’s date

e. The item’s category

f. The item’s category separator

g. The item’s excerpt description

h. The item’s display method of new window or modal pop-up

Note: Some of the settings in the Masonry Portfolio are identical to the Portfolio widget.

Final View

Carousel Portfolio

The settings are similar to the previous section but with a difference. Carousel Settings has been added to them, which will be explained below.

a. Number of Items shown

b. Carousel speed

c. Slide change speed

d. Stage Padding

e. Size of slider margins

f. Display previous/next arrow buttons

g. Left Arrow Icon

h. Right Arrow Icon

i. Display Pagination

j. Slider loop

k. Autoplay

Final View

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