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Blog Builder

All websites need a blog page to publish their latest articles or news related to their field. Kata theme allows you to create a highly customizable blog page. In particular, using the Elementor editor and Styler it will take only a few minutes.

Click on Blog in the Kata Control Panel to load the Blog Builder.

There is a default widget called Kata Blog Posts that will display website posts. Widgets related to Kata Post are located above other widgets for easy access.

Elements available for designing your blogs and similar pages include:

  • Kata Archive Posts
  • Kata Author Box
  • Kata Author Page
  • Kata Blog Posts
  • Kata Categories List
  • Kata Next & Previous Post
  • Kata Post Comments
  • Kata Post Content
  • Kata Post Featured Image
  • Kata Post Metadata
  • Kata Post Title
  • Kata Related Posts
  • Kata Search Page
  • Kata Social Share

You need the Kata Blog Posts element to design a blog page.

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