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At Kata, we have used the popular Elmantor page builder to combine the features of Elmantor with the unique features of Kata to provide a flexible and powerful tool for creating pages in WordPress. This means that in addition to all the improved features of the Elmantor, other new features have been added.

Here are some of the features that make designing and creating WordPress pages easy and enjoyable:

Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop any element and move them to your desired place of the page.

Copy & Past

You can copy elements, columns, and sections and past them to anywhere on the current page or other Elementor pages.

Undo & Redo Changes

In the process of designing your page, you may have made unwanted changes, and at that point, you need to return to the previous state. In this case, you can undo that change.

Responsive Mode

If you’ve ever worked with Elementor, you’re familiar with how easy it is to make your web pages responsive. You can switch between different sizes to complete your responsive design.

Advanced options

Also, you can use the Elementor Advanced options. You can set margins or paddings to the columns or set a custom CSS ID or Classes. Also, you can use the Motion Effects or adjust whether the columns appear on the mobiles and tablets.

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