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Practical WooCommerce Addons to Build Your Online Shop

ShopPress offers comprehensive, practical and light-weight WooCommerce addons for Elementor offering various tools like Shop Builder, Product Comparison, Wishlist, Quick View and etc. Now you don't need any other tools, ShopPress has it all. 

Feature Rich

Use a vast library of widgets & options to customize any elements on the screen

Elegant Design

Unique, elegant and trendy designed templates for your Ecommerce website

Easy to Use

Super easy installation, configuration and a user-friendly plugin to experience


Woo Templates

Woo Templates section in ShopPress is the area related to WooCommerce default pages. You can customize every Woo pages using Elementor.

Shop Builder Component

Shop Page

Essentially, the Shop page acts as a virtual storefront for your business, displaying the products you offer to potential customers. You can apply your preferred design using Elementor features and special widgets on your Shop page.


Product Single

ShopPress empowers you to craft a unique shop design with Elementor's features and widgets for your product page. Get started quickly with ready-made product single templates.

Product Single Builder

Wishlist ​

Enhance user satisfaction and encourage return visits with Wishlist functionality. ShopPress and Elementor seamlessly integrate to create a personalized shopping experience.
Design your Wishlist page effortlessly using Elementor's versatile widgets.


My Account

Enhance your WooCommerce dashboard with this Elementor widget to customize every detail on the dashboard. You can save time and effort with My Account template options and hand in a seamless and tailored dashboard experience.

my-account builder
Products Loop Builder

Product Loop

ShopPress enables you to create personalized product lists and templates using the Woocommerce Product Loop Builder. Enhance your e-shop and archive pages with visually appealing and user-friendly product loops using Elementor's Woocommerce Widgets.



Enhance user experience with ShopPress by customizing your Cart Page and Ajax Header Cart. Choose practical templates and personalize them to suit your needs effortlessly. Incorporate upsell and cross-sell functionalities to optimize your customers' shopping journey and add value to their cart pages.

Cart Builder
Quick View

Quick View

With Quick View for WooCommerce, visitors can quickly view product information (using AJAX) in a pretty pop-up without having to open the product page. Customers can easily add items to their carts from the modal and also, the Quick View is super easy to customize.



Product Comparison enables the customers to compare products side by side, and even using a detailed comparison table.
The comparison table is fully customizable, and you can simply choose your desired template and start editing it right away.

Compare Builder
Checkout Builder


Elevate user experience with a visually appealing and streamlined checkout page using ShopPress. Design effortlessly using the reliable WooCommerce checkout builder for a sleek and attractive purchase experience that boosts satisfaction and conversions.



Modules in ShopPress are additional tools that are not available by default in WooCommerce. These tools, such as Variation Swatches or Size Chart, are added to different sections of the shop and enhance its functionality, making the shopping experience more practical.


Variation Swatches

Extends displaying product variations, using quick view, direct variation link and image based variation swatches with an elegant design.

Size Chart

Size Chart

WooCommerce Size Chart is a valuable e-commerce feature, helping customers find their perfect fit. It simplifies online shopping by displaying size recommendations for products, reducing returns and enhancing customer satisfaction


Mobile Panel

The feature will only be visible to users who are using a mobile device to open your website. At the bottom of the page, it will appear as a panel allowing you to navigate to all the different practical pages of an online shop, which certainly enhances user experience.

user-account notifications

User Notifications

This feature allows you to keep your users informed about their own activities as well as announcements and promotions. Shoppress offers this feature exclusively, and no other plugin offers it on the market.

shoppress extra features

Extra Features

Apart from components and modules, ShopPress offers extra features that greatly enhance shop customization and provide practical functionalities for website users. One such feature is the ability to filter products.


Your customers certainly find everything

For a more user friendly experience and a more efficient search result the feature to filter products in online stores is very important today.
ShopPress Builder offers this option and it allows your users to simply filter products by Category, Brand, Color, Rating, Tag, Size and Price, and find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds. 


Off-Canvas Panel

Add any widgets you need in the Off-Canvas panel

Off-Canvas panel widget is a fly-out content panel for showcasing contents like WooCommerce Filter, Wishlist, Cart etc. This panel can be in various formats like, Drop-Down, Popup and Slide-in. This is the first time in any WordPress product to use Elementor to customize the content of the Off-Canvas and that’s exactly what ShopPress does. It allows you to add any widgets you need in the panel and customize it as you need. 


Elementor Widgets

WooCommerce specific widgets for Elementor

You now have full control over all your WooCommerce pages and also have full access to WooCommerce special widgets for Elementor that allow you to create new templates in addition to the pre-built templates already in your inventory.

Product Single Widgets
  • Product title
  • Product price
  • Product description
  • Product images
  • Product video
  • Product upsells
  • Product stock
  • Stock progress bar
  • Product brands
  • Product breadcrumb
  • Product tabs
  • Product categories
  • Product tags
  • Product SKU
  • Related Product
  • Product rating
  • Product content
  • Product add to cart
  • Product call for price
  • Suggest price
  • Product compare
  • Product wishlist
  • Product reviews
  • Product attributes
  • Product chart size
Product Single Widgets
  • Product countdown
  • Product sharing
  • Product navigation
  • Product sale badge
  • Related products
Cart Widgets
  • Cart total
  • Cart table
  • Cart empty message
  • Cart coupon
  • Cross-sell products
Wishlist Widgets
  • My wishlist
  • Wishlist
My Account Widgets
  • My account
  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard orders
  • Dashboard downloads
  • Dashboard edit account
  • Dashboard addresses
Checkout Widgets
  • Checkout additional fields
  • Checkout form billing
  • Checkout form shipping
  • Checkout payment
  • Checkout coupon form
  • Checkout login form
  • Checkout order review
Thank You Widgets
  • Thank you order details
  • Thank you order customer details
Products Loop Widgets
  • Products Loop
  • Recent products
  • Sales products
  • Top-rated products
  • Best selling products
  • Featured products
  • Products upsells
Loop Builder Widgets
  • Loop product meta
  • Loop product categories
  • Loop product tags
  • Loop product thumbnail
  • Loop product title
  • Loop product description
  • Loop product price
  • Loop product sale badge
  • Loop product new badge
  • Loop product stock
  • Loop product SKU
  • Loop product brands
  • Loop product compare
  • Loop product wishlist
  • Loop product quick view
  • Loop product rating
  • Loop product review
  • Loop product add to cart
General Widgets
  • Result count
  • Custom add to cart
  • Order tracking


Visual Style Editor

Styler is a powerful live CSS editor that allows you to change your page design in real-time using a simple and straightforward user interface.

  • No Coding Required
  • Visual Style Generator
  • Font Management
  • Animation Generator
  • Display Flex & Grid
  • Order Columns & Wraps
  • SVG Fill & Stroke
  • CSS Filters
  • CSS Transforms
  • Light & Dark UI Mode
  • Color Management
  • Backdrop Effect
  • Undo / Redo History
  • Copy & Paste Styles
  • After Before Elements
  • Hover & Parent Hover Styles
  • Box Shadow & Text Shadow
  • Device Specific Edits
  • Device Mode Live Preview
  • Full Typography Options
  • Adjust Measures
  • Flexible Positioning
  • Full Background Options
  • No Performance Loss


120+ Ready to Import Website Templates

Our premium, multi-purpose theme, Kata, complements ShopPress in all ways imaginable. Use ShopPress with Kata to create the best possible online shop. Both are created following the newest trends in web design and provide a smooth and seamless experience.

Team of world-class

React JS & WordPress experts

We are an experienced team of developers, designers and WordPress geeks from all around the world.

The coding method in ShopPress by our professional dvelopers is unique, understandable and meets the widely accepted coding standards and has made it the best plugin out there for WooCommerce.

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Page Speed? Absolutely!

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Our skilled WordPress developers have created this plugin using the latest methods to optimize load speed for both the back-end and front-end. You'll experience no delays and enjoy significantly improved website speed. 


Compatible with popular WooCommerce themes and plugins

ShopPress fully compatible with most of the popular WooCommerce themes and plugins, is all you need to run a shop. For more information please refer to ShopPress knowledge-base.

We have a world-class

Customer Support Team here to help you

Our responsive customer support team boasts a high customer satisfaction rating. Should you have any issues with the plugin, do not hesitate to contact us and remember we are always here to help.


One Plugin to replace them All!

You don't have to search for online shop plugins across different platforms. Instead of purchasing several expensive plugins, you can achieve the same functionality by simply purchasing One affordable plugin!

Other Plugins

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$79 $39/year

All the mentioned features above + Unique and invaluable features

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

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1 Website

All Premium Features
1 Year Premium Support
1 Year Auto Updates


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Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our products, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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We guarantee the utmost security of your payment information through 256-bit SSL encryption.


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