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About Us

Best Free and Premium WordPress Themes

Who We Are

We are a team of multicultural experienced developers and designers

We started our journey with a team of two and it has now grown into a team of multicultural experienced developers, designers and WordPress lovers from all around the world. We joined in a team at ClimaxThemes group to create the best free & premium WordPress themes.

We essentially resort to what our amazing customers demand in the first place and then experience and research gathered from WordPress world.
The climax of ease in applicability of our products and beauty and simplicity in our designs have always inspired us to move even further.
We have created the most advanced WordPress theme of all called “Kata” adapting the same guidelines by which we have been moving forward for the past few years.

WordPress Maintenance Service

How we handle WordPress so you can get stuff done

We focus on your target audience, and what your customers look for in designing our websites, bearing in mind the nuances of design, applicability and sophistication.

This is how we will guarantee a unique, brand new experience that will surely draw your target audience attention. At Climax the most important pillar is a close collaboration with our partners.

We will be by your side from the first day up until the last, to ensure, we have successfully achieved all the goals and prospects you had in mind. When you confirm the website we designed, we are ready to offer our guidance, maintenance and support every pace along the way.

WordPress Site Design & Maintenance Service
Best Free and Premium WordPress Themes

Kata Fast Mode

Fast, easy and free solution to build websites for beginners!

By only filling the forms in a few steps on the Kata Fast Mode wizard, your website is created. We prepared the fastest and easiest Free solution to create a website for beginners.


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