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Product Loop Builder

ShopPress enables you to create personalized product lists and templates using the Woocommerce Product Loop Builder. Enhance your e-shop and archive pages with visually appealing and user-friendly product loops using Elementor's Woocommerce Widgets.

Products Loop Builder
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Product Loop Builder for

All you need is to have your preferred design in mind and that’s it, you can easily build it using Elementor and ShoPress-provided widgets. The ShopPress's WooCommerce widgets are seamlessly integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business while the widgets are doing all the important tasks.

Woocommerce Product Pages

Redesign WooCommerce Product List as you wish using Elementor to display products the way you want. You can edit the loop pages below.

  • Related Products
  • Sale Products
  • Top Rated Products
  • Best Selling Products
  • Featured Products
  • Cross Sell Products
  • Up-Sell Products

Related Products

Have you ever tried to display the related products on an individual product page? Here is the best option for you. You can design your own related products using the related products loop builder to show them on your single product page.

Sale Products

Displaying the “sale products” is the best way to motivate users to become potential customers. Using the Sale Products loop allows you to design a unique template for all your sale products and display them on every page of the online shop you want with just an Elementor widget and using the many options that have been provided with it.


Top Rated Products

Another great feature of ShopPress is Top Rated Products that showcase the highest rated products on your online store. Like other product loops, Top rated product pages can be easily edited with Elementor and you can use tones of prepared widgets on this page and use the Top Rated Product loop on any page you want.

Best Selling Products

Communicating with customers on an online store is one of the best ways to boost your sales rate. One of the best ways of communicating with customers is to display the best-selling products to them. You can assure users that their preferred products have been tested by many other customers.

The best-selling product loop allows you to show your best-selling products to customers. Also, you can design it individually to match your theme styles.


Featured Products

With the featured product, you can show customers your most noticeable products easily. Every online store has some products that are more important than the others so with the Featured product loop you can display them in a beautifully designed template or edit your templates however you want to match your theme style.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Up-selling and Cross-selling loops allow you to display the up-sell and cross-sell products on a single product page. While the Cross-Sells will help you raise your sales since you may offer complimentary products relevant to the current product, the Up-Sells will let you present the most suitable products. 


Compatible with popular WooCommerce themes and plugins

ShopPress fully compatible with most of the popular WooCommerce themes and plugins, is all you need to run a shop. For more information please refer to ShopPress knowledge-base.