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Order Bump

Displays a customizable popup containing a last-minute offer in the checkout stage in order to persuade buyer and increase the overall sale.

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Order Bump for

This convenient feature offers us the opportunity to curate alluring complementary offers that are seamlessly integrated with the customers' current purchases and presented in an irresistible fashion. Its implementation serves to enhance the overall shopping experience, while also potentially increasing sales revenue.

  • Change the Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Discount Type
  • Product Quantity
  • Discount Base Price

ShopPress Order Bump Module

By providing these last-minute offers, we can increase the chances of our customers buying more items, resulting in a more profitable website. Therefore, it's crucial to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Order Bump module to enhance our sales and improve our business results.


Compatible with popular WooCommerce themes and plugins

ShopPress fully compatible with most of the popular WooCommerce themes and plugins, is all you need to run a shop. For more information please refer to ShopPress knowledge-base.