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Archive Builder

With an Archive Builder, you can effortlessly structure and present your content in a user-friendly, organized manner. It provides the means to design elegant and user-centric archives for various post types, such as WooCommerce categories, tags, or any other WooCommerce-related content on your website.

Archive Builder
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Archive Builder for

With ShopPress, users can easily tailor the Archive pages to suit their needs without the need for coding or technical expertise. This plugin enhances the user experience by providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the page customization process.

WooCommerce Archive Page Component

The option to design a custom look for your Archive page is available to you. ShopPress provides a variety of useful tools that you can incorporate to give your Archive page a fresh and unique appearance. These tools can be leveraged to create a distinctive look and feel for your page that sets it apart from other pages.


Compatible with popular WooCommerce themes and plugins

ShopPress fully compatible with most of the popular WooCommerce themes and plugins, is all you need to run a shop. For more information please refer to ShopPress knowledge-base.