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We are updating and developing ShopPress on a daily basis and we are adding numerous new features to it every day that passes by. Here's a list of ShopPress latest features and updates:

Advanced Features

  • Partial Payment
  • Cross sell Popup after added to cart
  • Product Video Gallery
  • Custom Price Labels
  • Pre-Order
  • Quick Checkout
  • QR Code
  • Shop Global Discount
  • Shop Page Templates


  • Multiple Wishlists
  • Wishlist Privacy (Public, Private, Share)
  • Wishlists Sharing
  • Estimate directly from wishlist page
  • Wishlists management
  • Saving Wishlist
  • Manage user wishlist and popular products
  • Wishlist Different list Style

Ajax Product Filter

  • Elementor Filtering widget
  • Unlimited filter on different product or category pages
  • Show filters in a modal view
  • Choose the style of your filters
  • Make filters work in AJAX
  • Choose where to show the active filters
  • Customize the loader
  • Choose whether to index the filters URLs or not
  • Show filters in a horizontal toolbar above your products
  • Type of Filters
  • Show the filters on any page using the preset shortcode
  • Scroll to the top of the page after filtering
  • Apply the Hierarchy Select Principle
  • Location-Based Filter

Variation Swatches

  • Display Swatches in Archive & Catalog
  • Variation image Tooltip in Archive & Catalog
  • Set More link in archive/shop variation swatch
  • Dual color variation in Single/Archive/shop
  • Displaying variation swatch in Shop Filters
  • Create category and group-wise variation swatch
  • Product page variation image tooltip
  • Customizable Tooltip Text
  • Blur/Hide Out of stock variation
  • Round/Square variation styles in shop/detail page


  • Compare elements by category
  • Exclude specific categories
  • Add an image in the head of the Comparison table
  • Display compare in Popup or Page
  • Compare always the product information
  • Share the comparison on social network
  • Create a table with the desired products
  • Show immediately the related products
  • Add a comparison option anywhere on your store
  • Bottom to top Compare style
  • Limit the number of products that can be added to the comparison table

Ajax Search

  • Thumbnail options
  • Show a brief description of the product
  • Extend the product search through tags, SKUs and categories
  • View More button in Search Result
  • Customize Search Result Style
  • Search filter (Category, Brands, Tags, sku, Attribute)
  • Add to cart button in search result.
  • Multilingual support