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Product Gallery

Introducing the Product Gallery module, a powerful tool that enables you to showcase a stunning and mobile-friendly product gallery on your single product page.

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Product Gallery for

With this module, you can easily customize sliders to perfectly complement your store's aesthetics. Take full control of your gallery's layout by positioning sliders in a range of options, including horizontal, vertical left, and grid layout, ensuring a visually captivating shopping experience for your customers. 

  • Left Thumbnails Slider
  • Bottom Thumbnails Slider
  • 1 Column Static Images
  • 2 Column Static Images
  • 3 Column Static Images
  • Full SLider with Arrows & Bullets
Left Thumbs
Bottom Thumbs
1 Column
2 Column
3 Column
Full Slider

Compatible with popular WooCommerce themes and plugins

ShopPress fully compatible with most of the popular WooCommerce themes and plugins, is all you need to run a shop. For more information please refer to ShopPress knowledge-base.