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Here is ShopPress features list & comparison between Free & Pro version

ShopPress Free

ShopPress Pro


Elementor Widgets Essentials (97) Advanced (109+)
Styler (Visual Style Editor) Standard Advanced
Product Single Builder
Custom Single Template Per Category
Custom Single Template Per Product
Shop Page Builder
Checkout Page Builder
Archive Page Builder
Shop Products Loop Builder
Recent Products Loop Builder
Related Products Loop Builder
Sale Products Loop Builder
Top Rated Products Loop Builder
Best Selling Products Loop Builder
Featured Products Loop Builder
Cross-sell Loop Builder
Up-sell Loop Builder
My Account Page Builder
Dashboard Page Builder
Account Details Page Builder
Orders Page Builder
Downloads Page Builder
Addresses Page Builder
Cart Page Builder
Empty Cart Page Builder
Thank You Page Builder
Wishlist for both logged-in and guest users
Add wishlist to my account page
Add wishlist to the menu
Display wishlist as dropdown
Display wishlist as drawer
Wishlist drawer position
Add custom Icon for wishlist menu
Custom wishlist labels
Display view wishlist link after added to wishlist
Custom wishlist position
Enable multi-wishlist for both logged-in and guest users
Social share wishlist
Customize fields in the wishlist table
Customize empty wishlist heading and button text
Custom thumbnail size for products in the my wishlist table
Create and customize the My Wishlist page using Elementor
Customize the wishlist button on product single using Elementor
Customize the wishlist button on products loop using Elementor
Header Wishlist Widget
Customize the wishlist button on product single using Elementor
Customize the wishlist button on products loop using Elementor
The option to display the Wishlist items in a loop view
Display compare in popup
Custom compare position
Custom labels for adding and removing from compare
Create and customize the compare page using Elementor
Quick View
Custom position for the quick view button on the products loop
Create and customize the quick view content using Elementor
Variation Swatches
Convert dropdown to label swatches
Display tooltip for swatches
Display variation label
Quick View support for variation swatches
Show variations in products loop
Color variation
Image variation
Button / Label variation
Size Chart
Display size chart as popup
Display size chart in product information tabs
Custom position for the size chart button
Customize the size chart button using Elementor
Assign size charts to both products and categories
Multi-step Checkout
Shopify Style Checkout
Set custom logo for the checkout page
Enable navigation of the checkout steps
Disable the shipping step
Set a custom bottom menu
Disable the phone number field
Disable the company name field
Rename Label
Customize the add to cart text of the shop page
Customize the add to cart text of the product page
Customize the description tab title
Customize the information tab title
Customize the review tab title
Customize the order place button text
Set purchase limit for the backorder products
Set a custom available date for the backorder products
Set a custom available message for the backorder products
Customize the purchase limit counter
Customize available date of each products
Flash Sales Countdown
Custom countdown title
Override sales price
Show the countdown on the product page
Add custom products and categories to the sales events
Specify date of the sales events
Set custom discount for each sales events
Display sales events only to registered customers
Display sales events by users rules
Menu Cart
Display the mini cart on your menu
Display the mini cart as dropdown
Display the mini cart as drawer
Set custom position for opening the mini cart drawer
Set custom menu for the menu cart
Sticky Add to Cart
Hide the sticky Add to cart on the mobile
Single Ajax Add to cart
Enable Ajax Add to Cart from product page
User Notifications
Show status of the orders to your customers
Mobile Panel
Display a sticky menu of the shop links on the mobile
Off-Canvas Widget
Infinite Scroll for Shop Page
Ajax Load More Button
Product Filter
Product Thumbnail Render Size
Product Featured Image Render Size
Products Gallery Image Render Size
Change Product Image on Hover
Stock Level
Stock Progress Bar
Product Next/Perv Navigation
Call for Price
Suggest Price
Catalog Mode
Quick Checkout
Sales Notification
Thumbnails Slider in the Loop
Image Marker (Hotspot)
Product Gallery
Display brands on the product page
Display brand image on the Brand page title
Display brand products count on the brand page title
Display brands on the products loop
Customize the Brands title
Custom zvailability date label for the Pre-Order
Custom price label for the Pre-Order
Custom Add to Cart text for the Pre-Order products
Show countdown of Pre-Order on the product page
Available date for the Pre-Order
Available time for the Pre-Order
Manage price of the Pre-Order products
Partial Payment
Deposit days after next payment
Deposit Amount
Require Login the customers
Disable for specific rules
Custom text and labels
Create custom deposits for categories
Reminder Email
Cross-Sell Popup
Display the cross-sell of the products after add to cart
Set a custom heading for the cross-sell products
Display the cross-sell products as slider
Order Bump
Display order bump on the checkout page
Create custom advanced rules to display the order bump
Mini Cart Drawer
Display cart button
Display checkout button
Open the mini cart after Add to cart
Set custom position of the drawer icon
Set custom opening position of the drawer
Set custom icon for the drawer
Set custom icon for the drawer
Product Badges
Display custom text badge
Display custom image badge
Display discount percentage badge
Create rules for displaying badges
Product Tabs Manager
Create tabs, visible on all products
Customise your tab for each single product
Edit or delete "Reviews" and "Description" tabs
Place your tabs where you prefer in single builder
Present the product tabs in an accordion view
Hide the tabs on mobile devices