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Free & Pro Features

Here is ShopPress features list & comparison between Free & Pro version



ShopPress Pro

Elementor WidgetsEssentials (97)Advanced (104+)
Multi Step Checkout
Catalog Mode
Mobile Panel
Sticky add to Cart
Header Menu Cart
Sales Notification
Variation Swatches
Quick View Support
Direct Variation Link
Color Variation
Image Variation
Button / Label Variation
Size Chart
Elementor Design
Header Wishlist Widget
Static Wishlist
Customize Quick View popup
Elementor-Based Design
Single Product Builder
Elementor-Based Widgets
Unlimited templates for products
Single Product template for specific category
Shop Page Builder
Product Filter
Off-Canvas Widget
Product Thumbnail Render Size
Product Featured Image Render Size
Products Gallery Image Render Size
Filter Products By Category
Filter Products By Attributes
Filter Products By Price
Infinite Scroll For Shop Page
My Account Builder
Custom My Account Page
Shortcode friendly
My Account Pages Custom Tabs
Shop Page Templates
Category View
Customizable Shop Filters
Account Details Builder
Addresses Builder
Downloads Builder
Orders Builder
Change Product Image On Hover
Ajax Load More Button
Custom Single Template
Templates by Category
Archive Builder
Checkout Builder
Custom Checkout Fields
Multi step checkout
Customize Checkout Page
Cart Builder
Header Cart Widget
Cart Page Elementor Widgets
Compare Builder
Customized Compare Page
Compare Elementor Widgets
Display Compare in Shop
Display compare in single product
Compare Page Directly Add to Cart
Empty Cart Builder
Quick View Builder
Wishlist Builder
Thank You Page Builder
Related Products Loop Builder
Recent Products Loop Builder
Sale Products Loop Builder
Top-Rated Products Loop Builder
Best Selling Products Loop Builder
Featured Products Loop Builder
Cross-Sell Products Loop Builder
Upsell Products Loop Builder
Custom Add To Cart
Checkout Manager
Cart Drawer
Wishlist Drawer
Assign Product Template by Category
Stock Level
Stock Progress Bar
Product Next/Perv Navigation
Sale Countdown
Ajax Search Widget
Product Flash Sale
Shopify Style Checkout
User Account Notifications
Rename Label
Product Flash Sale
Recently Viewed Products
Call for Price
Suggest Price
QR CodeSoonSoon
Add New Templates
Countdown Widget
Custom Add To Cart Widget
Order Tracking Widget
Quick Checkout
Image Marker (Hotspot)
Partial Payment
Cross Sell
Order Bump
Currency switcherSoon
GTM Conversion TrackingSoon
Product Video GallerySoon