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Icon Manager

Icon Manager is another exclusive feature available in the Kata theme. It allows you to add unlimited icons to the theme. This article will lay down how exactly you can do that:

Our main goal with Kata is to have everything you need in one place, ready to go. So with that in mind, navigate to the editing page for the demo to use Icon Manager.

So let’s assume you want to change the icon displayed on this page and use your own custom icon. Follow these simple steps:

1- First we set the Icon Source on Kata Icons.
2- Next click on Choose.

3- Click Add Icon Set on the newly opened window.

4- Click on New Pack.

5- Choose a name for your new icon pack and click on Next.

You can upload one or multiple icons to add to your pack for future use.

To download SVG icons you need to do the following:

1- First log into your account on and then click on the IcoMoon App located on the top.

2- Next click on the Edit button from the top menu.

3- Then click on the icon you need and download the SVG for it.

We have uploaded several SVG icons here to illustrate our point.

You can place your uploaded icons on the page by simply clicking on the icon.

As you can see, our newly added icon set has been added to the main icon pack.

This window allows you to either edit or add an icon pack.

You can also download an icon pack from and rename its json file to selection.json and upload it here so that all of its icons load. Follow these steps to do so:

1- Click on IcoMoon App from the top menu.

2- Choose your desired icons and then click on Download JSON from the icon on the upper right side.

This would be the fastest way to have access to new icons on the Icon Manager.

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