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How to Install & Activate Kata

In this tutorial, we will inspect the activation and installation of the Kata theme, so stay tuned.

First of all, please head over to and login with the email that you have purchased the Kata theme with. Then, hit the dashboard button in the middle of the page.

Now on this page, You will see the list of options you have to download the kata theme, plugins, and even the whole package together. By clicking on every one of them you can download your preferred option.

Please Note:

  1. To download the Kata theme installation file click on the kata.
  2. To download the Kata Child theme installation file click on the Kata-Child
  3. To download the Kata Plus plugin installation file click on the Kata-Plus.
  4. To download the Kata Plus Pro plugin installation file click on the Kata-Plus-Pro.

Installing The Kata Theme

1. After Download the Theme file, Please navigate to your WordPress Site > Wp Admin > Themes,  From the top  left  corner  click  on the  Add New  button

2. You will redirect to the install themes page, From the top left corner click on the Upload Theme and upload the kata theme from the Upload form

3. After installing the kata theme, Please click on the install plugins button

4. After redirecting to the install plugins page

  1. Select all requirement plugins
  2. Select Install from dropdown
  3. Click on the apply button

5 – After installing plugins, Please go to the Plugins page and make sure, Elementor, Kata Plus, and Kata Plus Pro is activated

Enter Themeforest Purchase Code

Please navigate to WordPress Site > Wp Admin > Kata > Theme Activation and enter your Themeforest Purchase Code

Here you will need to paste your license.

If entered correctly, you will be met with the following confirmation message.

Activating The Kata Theme

To activate the Kata theme, please navigate to > Dashboard > Licenses and copy the license key in the green box.

Then, please head over to your website dashboard > Kata > Theme Activation. Here you will need to paste the license code that you copied from the Climax User Dashboard licenses tab in the previous steps.

After activating the license, You will see the domain name will appear on the Manages site section of your Climax Dashboard.

If you wanted to change the domain of the license, you can simply deactivate the site and then run the activation process for your new domain.

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